Rethinking/Revamping the Blog

I started writing this blog in an attempt to organize my life into writing. I got discouraged because I didn’t hear from many people, and I haven’t really had a huge direction of where to go with this blog. I admit that I thought about giving it up. However, a…mentor or coach, for lack of better labels, encouraged me to rethink this blog. Even if no one else reads it, I do want some to know that it’s out there. I want people to see that I’m a flawed human being like everyone else. And maybe, someday, others won’t be scared to come out and share with me.

That said, I do plan on having more purpose to this blog. I want to share my struggles with everyday life, my own insecurities and dealing with the (in the words of the band “Stealers Wheel”) “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right” in this world around me. Because I want to inspire more connection with people. Maybe the entries I write won’t appeal to you. That’s okay. Maybe we can find some common ground, even if it’s a funny joke or story. Maybe it’s just that we both like ice cream! Either way, I want to connect with you people out there and I figure (yes, that’s a Southernism as far as I can tell) that I have to start with being vulnerable and out there myself. Give a little to earn a little right?

So I will be around. I will be writing at least, hopefully, once a week. I would love to hear that you are out there reading it too. Tell me what you want to read about or maybe you have a question or just want a sounding board about a topic. Maybe you need a Southern interpretation or opinion or just a different perspective. I’m here. Dang. Now I feel like Frasier Crane. “I’m listening.” lol

Have a great night everyone!


Celebrating the Close of a Long Chapter

Ok so I left my husband in May of 2015 and hadn’t gone back to that house except to move some things when I got an apartment in July and to drop something off. Both of those times were within the first couple of months after I left. We finally had it out and he bullied and dared me into filing for divorce in May of 2016. It was final in September and in the divorce agreement, he had agreed to buy me out of the marital home, and I would no longer be responsible for any money going towards that house. He was supposed to buy me out by the end of the year (2016).

Well he had a couple of health issues, and I am not an unfeeling person so I made some payments to help him out until the time he said he would not only be able to take over all expenses with the house but get me the money to buy me out. One thing I will say for my ex is he is a very smooth talker…a born salesman. He will make you believe just about anything and feel sorry for him with the best sob stories. But it’s all BS and eventually people figure that out. When I called him on his bluff and told him I wanted the house to sell as he hadn’t been able to buy me out (as was the agreement in writing), he first tried asking for more time (which I wouldn’t agree to), then he started to threaten me and get nasty. I wasn’t going to throw him out of his house! (Ironic since when he wanted money from me it was “our house”.)

I had been nothing but reasonable. I think helping him out with payments about 9 months after I was supposed to was more than generous, but as long as we owned the house I was still tethered to him and that wasn’t the arrangement we had agreed to. I pointed all of this out in an email and said that technically, if I pushed and wanted to be nasty back, I could ask the court to force him to reimburse me for what money I had put in since the divorce. That’s when he hit the roof and decided to try to bully me more. I was ‘trying to destroy his life’ and ‘stealing’ from him. I was not going to get any more money out of him. I was not going to force him out of his home. I would get my money when he had it and not before!

So I hired a lawyer. I had let him sweet-talk, bully, threaten, override, walk-over, and push me around all of our married life and he was still trying to do it. No more. I was not going to be pushed around anymore, and I was going to force him to give me what he promised just once in the time that I had known him. I called his bluff and, even though my lawyer informed me that I had the right to ask for more if I wanted it, I kept my demands to what we had agreed to and to be reimbursed for the money I had put in after the divorce. I would have let that go without resentment or anger if he had simply been reasonable and done as we agreed.

Well the end result is that yesterday the house sold, my half of the money plus what I had put into that house since the divorce is being wired to me today and I am finally free. We had no kids thankfully, so I have no reason anymore to fear him, talk to him, take his calls or emails. I’m closing the book on a very painful and long section of my life and it’s looking nothing but up! I feel lighter…a weight has been lifted and so much of my stress is gone. While I’m not rich by any means, I have a little nest egg for emergencies and to invest for retirement or what-have-you. I admit that I’m honestly thinking of taking a nice vacation as well. I’m happy and feel like I could fly.

Too Many Stressors at Once!

I know that everyone has stress in their life. I usually handle it pretty well but lately, I’ve been hit with a lot of huge stressful situations at one time. One of the only grandparents I have left is in the hospital and from what I’m hearing, it sounds like they are giving up on life and probably won’t be with us much longer. I am going to have to move soon because the house that I currently live in is going on the market. I rent at the moment. Also, still dealing with the ex-husband over money he owes and the house we owned, and that has a contract on it, underwent an inspection and appraisal this week. I’m supposed to get my half of the equity when it sells and then I can finally be done with the ex-husband forever if I can help it.

I could deal with any one of those separately and I could even handle two but all of them?! I’m really starting to feel it. Now while the ex and the house situation is looking like it will resolve itself soon, I am so afraid something will mess it up and I’ll have to keep dealing with the ex-husband for months to come.

As for my grandparent, they have had Alzheimer’s for a long time and I’m torn, even having been in the medical field for over a decade, between hoping they get better and get to go home and hoping they will go peacefully there in the hospital. I don’t want them to suffer any more and I know that their home isn’t really the best place for them at this stage of their illness. The guilt over which way to feel is an added stress.

Moving, for any reason good or bad and for any distance long or short, is always a pain in the @$$ because no matter how close or far the new place is, everything has to go with you! I just moved about 6 months ago and here I go having to move again. I’m good at packing and I like to do stuff like that myself but it does feel a little overwhelming right now with everything I have to do.

So why am I writing about all this here? Well for one thing, it is somewhat therapeutic to get it all out. But also because I think overall I might be handling it pretty good considering. Everything in my life that I go through makes me stronger and I see it. Do I believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’. No I don’t. Sometimes it just is. Sometimes it’s life. Sometimes it’s other people causing us issues because of their decisions or actions. I am actually able to sleep and go to work and while it is messing with my WW goals at the moment, I’m not doing as bad as I have in the past when faced with majorly stressful situations. And I’m definitely going to give myself credit for that. I am trying to maintain a positive attitude instead of a ‘woe is me’ one. I’m trying to remember that stuff happens. I’m trying to take deep breaths and a couple of minutes of quiet when I can to center myself and find peace before dealing with the next hurdle. Because I know I can.

Facebook Relationship Status

Ok so in a couple of my previous posts I have mentioned that I am divorced. I have also alluded to my boyfriends…as in plural. So what does my Facebook relationship status say? lol “It’s complicated”. Perhaps now would be a good time to mention that this is sort of a ‘not for younger readers’ post. I’m not going to get explicit but some of you parents out there might not want to have to try to explain things like this just yet.

Perhaps I should start with a few terms that you might have heard before: polyamory, dominant and submissive, bi-curious…yeah I think that might cover it. So quick refresher on my personal background. I come from an extremely conservative family and I married someone in my very strict church who turned out to be a real narcissistic a-hole, divorced him and now I’m not living according to the way I was brought up and chose a different path for my life.

So what path are we talking about here? Well, I guess you could say I started exploring myself in all ways when I left my ex and that includes in a sexual nature. I’ve always had a little attraction to a woman here or there but never acted on it. I will admit to having wondered what it might be like to be with someone who understands how my body works more closely than the guys out there. I’ve never acted on it and who knows if I ever will. However, I’m not closed off to the possibility so therefore, I suppose you could call me “bi-curious”. In any case, even if I never end up exploring that side of myself, I will always be able to appreciate the beauty of the female form and certain females especially.

So on to polyamory… I have 2, count them 2, boyfriends and yes they both know about each other! lol And while maybe they aren’t ecstatic over the fact that they share me, they are ok with it and we are actually working towards, possibly, all living together at some point in the future. Whether or not that works out remains to be seen and is a topic for another day. BUT! Both know they are special to me and the other is special to me as well. Without giving their names away and exposing anything, we shall call them “West-Coaster” and “Native”. Take that as you will and I will talk more about them in the future.

For now, it’s enough to say that I actually started out dating West-Coaster online and we hit it off as just flirting and then he told me that he is very much a believer in polyamory. He had a girlfriend when we met and even though she’s no longer around, he was just as sweet and attentive to me as he was to her and I started thinking…well, maybe it is possible. I will be happy to talk about how that evolved more in the future and will but for now, I’ll just say that my view of polyamory has changed a good bit. I believe it’s absolutely possible to care for more than one person at a time and care about them both just as strongly, even if differently. Not everyone is cut out for it and I’m not talking about someone who just can’t control their sexual urges when faced with the next potential partner. I’m talking about real, true, deep feelings. I love both my guys and they know it.

Now for the last term…dom/sub. I have indeed a dom/sub relationship with one of my boyfriends. I am West-Coaster’s sub in matters involving the bedroom and usually when we’re flirting. I never really saw myself in such a position but I find I quite enjoy the change. I play at being more dominant with Native but for the most part that’s just on occasion and want to change things up a bit. So what does that mean? I divorced my ex because he was an arrogant, selfish dude and then I turn around and put myself as a sub and let a guy dominate me? Well sorta. I can say that it’s NOTHING like 50 Shades of Gray so don’t ask. lol I will go into more details in the future (not graphic details but a little more explanation of how the relationship works) but it’s nice to be able to say that I have two guys who love me and want to take care of me, in multiple ways. I’m happy that I’m accepted as a flawed human being who is still a work-in-progress and still exploring who she is.

So have I rambled enough to whet your appetite? Let me know what you’re thinking…what you want to hear about, know about, questions, concerns, comments, suggestions…well you get the picture. lol In the meantime, have an awesome Friday!

Change is a Part of Living

So this might seem a weird subject but I wanted to address the subject of change. Humans, in general, seem to hate change. We resist it and avoid it, make excuses and even sometimes flat out refuse to go along with it. I’ve heard people say things like they can’t change their circumstances, their physical issues, their financial status, their marriage, their job, the chronic illness they are fighting…and the list goes on and on. One of my favorite excuses is that the person is too old to learn something new now.

Here’s the problem: Life has to change! We have to adapt and grow to keep on living. No one can stop change. It’s all around us! Technology changes, the environment changes, the weather, seasons, buildings, people…everything changes! And you have to be ready to roll with the punches or you’ll get run over! Make changes yourself or adapt or you will no longer be ‘living’ but just existing. Does that mean we have to like or enjoy every change? Nope and lots of times you won’t. lol But the truth is, so much is out of our control that we have to concentrate on what is in our control.

So if you can’t change something that’s changing or that’s out of your control (like that chronic illness or financial circumstances) what can you do or change? Your attitude! Maybe a more positive attitude and acceptance is what you have control over changing! Maybe if you are aware of the situation and looking for ways to make the changes possibly down the road, it will keep hope alive for you and yourself moving forward!

Let me give you an example. I was in a pretty bad marriage. I didn’t feel that my ex cared whether I was around or not, we did virtually nothing together. I worked 2 jobs to support us and he spent money like crazy and kept our debt growing. I was taking care of family that lived close by and I felt so horribly stuck. Stuck taking care of family when I was exhausted with no support. Stuck in a marriage that I was terribly unhappy in. Stuck working myself into the ground not only at my secular jobs but in keeping the house clean and tidy since he wouldn’t help with that either. I drove over an hour to both jobs and I was a miserable person. I tried changing my attitude first. Maybe if I tried to be more positive and asked for help more I would get it or at least be happier. Nope. Didn’t get the help I asked for (in fact I was berated for asking and told to quit “bitching” all the time), and the positive attitude only kept me going so far. It helped but hard to combat the negativity coming at you from all directions when you’re exhausted.

So I tried talking to my spiritual support, my family, friends. None of them could really help me and I knew that. I wasn’t looking for them to change things for me, just to counteract the gaslighting that my ex was doing to me. (For those who don’t know, gaslighting is when someone makes someone else think there’s something wrong with them or their thinking…that they’re crazy, etc. Look it up if you haven’t heard of it. It’ll blow your mind.) They were supportive in the best way they could be. But finally, one day, I realized that I was heading towards one of two endings here. I had to leave the situation either on my feet or in a body bag. Yes, I seriously contemplated suicide for a few seconds here or there. Never attempted it and dismissed it quickly but I needed to do something.

So I told my ex husband I was leaving. I had had enough and I was tired of trying to change things on my own and him working against me. It was hard. I had married young and had never been on my own before. But I left and I never once cried about it or looked back. Did I immediately divorce him? No. I still held a small glimmer of hope that he might come to his senses and realize that I was serious. But finally, after many months of taking care of myself and growing as a person, I realized that there was never any going back.

Was it scary? Absolutely! I had been married for over 15 years! I had no place of my own and couldn’t really afford one at first. But it was the best decision I think I’ve ever made. I’ve grown tremendously. I have been able to make changes, big and small, that have allowed me to be a happier human being and healthier too. I’m truly happy now and I continue to make changes that are in not only my best interests but in the interests of all those I care about and am around. I have hope and can see a future where I don’t feel trapped anymore.

So embrace change. Find ways to adapt or make your own changes, even if it’s just in your attitude! I hate getting up early in the mornings but I embrace that as part of my new job that allows me to take care of myself and spend time with my bf’s who are also on day jobs. If you need help in creating new pathways in your life or even just your brain, share your story with me! Let’s see if we can figure out something, anything that might help give you some hope and at least a smile for today.

Mood Music (or Ramblings on Music)

So today at work, I have my area to myself and not a lot going on. I’m organizing and cleaning and since I’m basically alone, I have my “favorites” playlist on my iPod playing. Now, I’m a huge fan of music and almost all genres at that. I like a little of everything from big band of the 40’s to Korn, from the Beach Boys to Boys to Men, from country to rock and roll, from opera or classical to heavy metal.

But it’s funny that when I’m cleaning, I usually put on “oldies”. You know rock and roll and Mo’ Town from the mid 50’s through the 60’s. Sometimes I put on 80’s but the oldies are my go-to music when I wanna get to dancing and cleaning at the same time. It keeps me in a good mood and moving. And today it got me thinking of all the ways that music affects me, and most other human beings. Have you thought about this? Like really?

When you’re fighting traffic to get to work or home from work, do you listen to stuff that makes you wanna take out everyone in your way? Or do you put on something calming and soothing so that you will be able to keep your cool? I have some songs that I absolutely cannot listen to if I’m sitting in traffic and not moving because they make me one very angry person. lol However, I put on Enya and I’m the epitome of calm.

So that said, I’m kinda picky about certain things not being in songs I listen to. I tend to stay away from rap because a lot of it is degrading to women or other people or it promotes things that I certainly don’t agree with like crimes. It kinda floors me when I hear people say stuff like “Oh music doesn’t really affect me” or “It’s just a song, doesn’t mean I agree with what it says. I just like the beat”. You sure it doesn’t affect you? How many times have you had a song stuck in your head all day? Have you found yourself singing with a song that you hadn’t even realized was playing in a store? How about moving to that beat when you weren’t paying attention originally? It does affect us, all of us! Granted some people are more affected by others but it does affect you.

If you don’t believe me, research how much good composers in Hollywood get paid. Press the mute button on an intense scene on a movie or show you’re watching at home. If you take away the music on a horror or suspense movie, things aren’t nearly as scary or suspenseful. How about on a game show when contestants only have so much time to complete a task? As the time starts to run out, the music speeds up, freaking the person out.

So does music affect us? Absolutely! Think about it more the next time you are listening to the radio or watching TV. I would highly suggest you choose the right music for the right time, task or setting. After all, “mood music” is a common phrase for a reason. Happy listening!

Is there a certain song that you consider to be your “theme song”? Is there particular music you listen to in certain settings for getting the right ‘feel’? I’d love to hear about it!

Intro to my Blog

Where you learn a little about what this blog is all about.

Welcome to my personal blog! I’ve never had a blog before but I’ve wanted to start one for some time now. So I know you have some questions about it and this first post will hopefully address those. If you have others, feel free to ask anything you like in the “Contact” section!

So what’s the point of this blog? This is about my personal journey through life as I try to improve myself and “discover myself”…words of wisdom I’ve picked up here and there, observations, blunders, heartaches, funny ‘schtuff’, and general thoughts on various aspects of life. I’ve divided posts into categories that you can find on the right side of the screen.

WAIT! I know you’re thinking, “Why in the world would I want to read what basically amounts to someone’s diary?!” Well before you totally dismiss this, hear me out. I’m a human being on this road of life with you. Maybe you’re struggling with some area of your life and want to hear about someone else’s troubles too. Maybe you are looking for something deep and profound (Though I don’t know how much I fit that category! lol) to help change your perspective. Maybe you are looking for someone who can relate to your problems or other areas of life. Maybe you just want to be entertained. (I’m nothing if not entertaining when given a chance! 😛 ) The truth is that I’m out here, sharing some very personal things with you just because I think you might benefit from some of them. I hope you think that’s brave because I admit I’m a little nervous about it!

So who the heck am I anyways? Well, you can call me Elizabeth. I’m a Georgia girl, born and raised, several generations rooted here. I’m over 35 years old, have 2 cats, a full time job in the medical field (NO I’M NOT A NURSE!), and I’m divorced. Doesn’t mean I’m the crazy old cat lady! lol I am not looking for a relationship. I’m currently in kind of a complex situation as it is! And I have no kids and no plans for any in the future. I get along with just about everyone and I don’t hold back honest answers when asked for my opinion. (And sometimes even when I’m not asked. lol) But I’m always kind and try to be understanding of others.

As for the title of this blog…what does it mean? Well the truth is, as the oldest of 3 kids with a perfectionist father, I have tried all my life to be perfect. I have OCD tendencies and I’m extremely hard on myself when things don’t go according to plan or the way I really want them to. Recently, as in the last couple of years, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life and I’m learning to stop striving to be perfect and live up to everyone else’s expectations or standards that I set so high for myself that I’ll never be anything but disappointed when I can’t reach them. I’m exploring life and things I like. I’m looking at the way I think about a lot of things and asking myself is that really the only way it has to be. And the truth is, my life is totally different than I ever dreamed it would be or should be! And I’m freaking HAPPY, truly and deeply happy! I’m loving the journey I’ve put myself on and I’m learning that I will never be perfect but I do need to keep striving for something in my life or else I’ll become stagnant and boring and just…exist. I don’t want to just exist! I want to continue to grow…my way. So I’m striving, not for perfection, but for “different”. I want to continue to make changes as I see a need for them or a desire to do so.

I’m going to be sharing some personal stuff on here so it might get a little bumpy or not exactly for the “whole family” as it were. You might decide that some posts are interesting to you now but later they might be. I’ve categorized them in some instances under what part of my life it’s about. But I hope you’ll enjoy the ride, find some inspiration, share some things yourself and ask whatever you like. I will be posting on average 1 to 2 times a week, sometimes more or less depending on time. Enjoy your day! And in the words of Truman (The Truman Show), “In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!”