So after pondering what I should put in the “About” Section for far too long, I figured I would just put general facts about me. I can always edit and change it later right?

In order to feel free to truly express myself, and for personal safety reasons, I will not be sharing specific personal information. You can call me Elizabeth. I’m over 35, have 2 cats, live in the metro Atlanta, GA area and am divorced. I have lived in Georgia all of my life and both parents are from here as well. Yes I am a rare breed indeed! I’m quirky with a great sense of humor, love people (generally speaking), am the oldest of 3 girls and love to read and write. I’m also an imperfect human being who makes mistakes just like you and everyone else I know.

Anything else you’d like to know? Feel free to contact me. My personal motto is, ‘Feel free to ask anything you want but I reserve the right to keep the answer to myself and I will be honest so be prepared for the answer!’ Better yet, read the blog! You’ll learn a lot about me that way! 🙂