Moving…Pros, Cons and Tips

So here I am about to move again, my third time in less than two and a half years. So I’ve learned a few things about moving. Mostly that it’s extremely stressful. No matter how far or how close you are moving, all your stuff has to go with you. Which has led me to keep cleaning stuff out so that I don’t have a ton of stuff to move.

I’ve gotten great at packing. I use towels and clothes to wrap some valuables so that I don’t spend as much on bubble-wrap and other packing materials. I’ve learned that making friends with the custodians/janitors/environmental services (whatever you call the clean up crew where you work) will get you help with finding boxes from work so you don’t have to buy them. I have found that the absolute best solution for moving hanging clothes, your shoes and other closet paraphernalia is to buy a couple of wardrobe boxes. If you haven’t seen these, they are fantastic. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about from U-Haul…

You put all your shoes and handbags in the bottom of the box, take your hanging clothes from the wrack and put them on the hanging bar in the box and then just transfer them when you get to the new place! It makes life so much simpler! I have also learned that with a house full of stuff, I need to hire movers so that I keep my friends and things don’t get broken or at least if it does, I get compensated for it. Trust me, it’s worth the money to just hire pros.

But I hate the stress of having to find someone to buy your place or strangers coming through your home whether you rent or buy. I hate having to call a million people to make appointments to see other places and try to work around my work schedule and hope that no one snatches the place up before you even get a chance to see it. I hate having to switch over all the utilities and changing your address with the bank, HR at work, the post office, your credit cards, and everybody else. I hate stressing my cats out because they don’t understand what’s going on. It’s a pain in the…neck to figure out how to make your stuff fit into a new space and what to do with it if you can’t.

There’s so many things to do when you’re moving and working at the same time, especially when you basically have a month to get ready. I think one of the absolute worst things about it all is the disrespect people seem to have for your home when they come through it. My cats have been locked in closets, out in the garage (They are strictly inside cats and what would have happened if I had come home and run them over?!), and generally terrorized by kids. People have tracked mud and dirt on my rugs and all over my floors. (I am a ‘take your shoes off at the door’ kind of girl.) I had one man and his daughter walking around my house, into my fenced back yard and looking in the windows. WTH man?!! That’s totally illegal not to mention rude and scary! I had one group adjust my thermostat and leave my AC running while I was at work all day.

But all that said…I’m excited to be moving. I’m moving in with my boyfriend and it’ll be our first place together. I’m excited that I’ll be in a new area to explore and closer to work (only like 15 minutes but still!). I’m looking forward to the adventures coming my way and learning the feel of a new house and area. Even though I will be renting, I will have a great garden and the kitchen of the new place is fantastic. Just excited about the whole new way of living! I see nothing but positives in this move…once I get settled. lol

If you have stories good, bad or otherwise about moving, feel free to share them with me. I’d also appreciate any tips! Happy Friday!


Author: differentnotperfect

I am a Southern girl with a complex background and a (hopefully) bright future. I love to read, watch TV and movies, and write. That's where the blog comes in. I have been working in the medical field since 2005 and am aspiring to get my writing career off the ground. I also hope to give stand-up comedy a try. I'm a friendly, imperfect human being who, like most people, is trying to find out who she is and her place in this world.

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