Collapsed Section of I-85 bridge

Ok, so it might seem strange that the first thing I really start to write about is a news story. However, how could I let it go when I’ve never seen such a thing happen in Atlanta?! Atlanta, Georgia is known for terrible traffic…day, night, weekends, holidays, week days. Everyone is always in a hurry, there are tons of cars on the road, and inevitably somewhere between where you are and where you want to go there’s either a wreck or construction holding you up.

So when you have a catastrophe to a major artery like I-85 and part of the bridge just drops out due to a fire, you’re talking major news and a major pain in the…neck. This is going to be an ongoing problem and cause some horrific traffic issues over the next few weeks. It’s the end of Spring Break for a lot of people, Gwinnett County has a lot of people (and all of them seem to take 85 N), and anyone travelling through Georgia will curse having to try to come down I-85.

Why am I bringing this up? I hate sitting in traffic and people who drive like they got their license out of a fifty cent toy machine or as if rules of the road don’t apply to them are a huge pet peeve of mine. But I’m trying to see the bright side of things. I don’t usually have to go that route. Yes, it will cause more people to probably go the way I have to for work or whatever else I have going on, but I really am working on not dreading this and looking at this in different light. It happened on a Thursday after most traffic had slowed down for dinner. Friday already has lighter traffic and the DOT in Georgia is actually pretty on top of things in general and reportedly on top of this specifically. I don’t really have anywhere I have to be this weekend. I have a job that I love and I shouldn’t have to adjust my route anywhere for this disaster because I don’t drive that direction typically. I also have a good vehicle and I love music.

I might have to leave a little earlier than usual for a while but considering I don’t have to be at work most days until 9 am, I’m cool with that. I’ll put on my tunes, take a couple of deep breaths, and use the time in the car to do memory exercises or call my mom (on the hands-free!) I hate to be late so knowing this happened, I just have to plan ahead and know that everyone else will be aggravated by the inconvenience. But hey, nobody got killed when it collapsed so I’m grateful for that. This is just an exercise in mental adjusting for me and I’m up for the challenge! I just hope everyone else is too. 😀


Author: differentnotperfect

I am a Southern girl with a complex background and a (hopefully) bright future. I love to read, watch TV and movies, and write. That's where the blog comes in. I have been working in the medical field since 2005 and am aspiring to get my writing career off the ground. I also hope to give stand-up comedy a try. I'm a friendly, imperfect human being who, like most people, is trying to find out who she is and her place in this world.

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